School buses are overcrowded and dangerous for our children’s well being. I’m speaking for the high school buses in this case but in general they all should be looked at at every grade level. I understand running the buses at full capacity for cost savings but this is ridiculous. My kids are at the end of a route and can’t find seats then the bus driver yells at them and embarrasses them to all their peers. Now I have to drive them to school to avoid the nonsense then i hear from other parents they are doing the same thing. The number of parents driving their children is also ridiculous, have you seen the traffic in and out of campus in the mornings? Maybe, just maybe if you fixed the bus situation, there would be less parents driving their kids to school.

Written by on September 20, 2017 in Grapevine

A. We are not aware of any school bus that is overloaded. Please call the Transportation department so we can get the specific route numbers you are talking to about.