Seven Shen High School students finish in the top 10% in the NY Stock Market Game fun by the SIFMA Foundation. More info…

Written by on January 4, 2018 in District News, Shen High School

Lawrence Wyngowski’s High School Economics class recently competed in the NY Stock Market game run by the SIFMA Foundation. The students had to provide regular news updates on their stocks and explain why they were gaining or losing money. In the greater Capital District, 1,104 students competed over a 15 week period and the following 7 Shen students finished in the top 10% for the area:

  • 29th:  Hannah Beebe – Hannah made an incredible 15.57% return on her investments!
  • 32nd: Torey Williams 
  • 55th   John Kennedy
  • 67th   Kourtnee Hernandez
  • 76th   Christian Buehler
  • 84th   Isaiah Moore
  • 106th Sarah Olsen