Shen students excel on the National Latin Exam, some earning perfect papers. More info…

Written by on April 15, 2020

This year, the National Latin Exam was administered in March to all of our district’s Latin students grades 7-12. This is the first year this exam has been offered in the Middle School and it was a huge success for all of our Latin students. This 40 question multiple-choice test is taken by Latin students across the country and world. Our students outdid themselves!

At the high school, 50 ninth graders placed on the exam, 51 tenth graders placed on the exam, 38 eleventh graders placed on the exam, and 25 twelfth graders placed on the exam. In the middle school, 49 seventh graders placed on the exam with Benjamin Yin, earning a perfect paper, and 44 eighth graders placed on the exam with Corinne Rosenberry, Hannah Cuthbertson, Justin Kenneally, and Yuntao (Kaden) Wu all earning perfect papers. All of the Latin teachers could not be prouder of the accomplishments of our Latin Scholars.