Shen students talk about what it is like to be a part of the Career Technology Program at the Capital Region BOCES. More photos…

Written by on November 2, 2020

“My dad is an electrical engineer and I have always looked up to him. It’s a good career.” – Andrew Bauer, Shen, Engineering Tech

“I chose this program to explore a different career opportunity.” – Ben Riper, Shen, Engineering Tech

“My parents work in office jobs for the state and that made me always want to do something in the trades. I wanted to be a plumber or an electrician, but HVAC is the best of both of those careers.” – Adam Darling, Shen, HVAC

“I really like hair and makeup. I am really interested in experimenting with the different chemicals and seeing the results.” –  Logan Barker, Shen Cos

“I like the variety of what we do and the experience we gain for work.” – Sara Kirkpatrick, Shen, Culinary

“I love cooking. I do it all the time at my mom’s house. I want to get into a career involving cooking, health and fitness and personal training.” – Ethan Wilson Shen, Culinary

“I like that there are so many options at Capital Region BOCES, such a variety of thinks to work with and learn from within the kitchen.”  – Carlie Tucker, Shen, Culinary,making French Toast

“Attending Capital Region BOCES is a good way to prepare for and get a job.”  – Carlie Tucker, Shen, Culinary, making French Toast

“I like doing hair and have always liked it. I bought mannequins off Amazon when I was younger to practice and work on. I love it.” – Jordyn Slinger, Shen, Cosmetology

“My grandfather and all my uncles are handymen and I have always wanted to work with my hands. This program seems like a nice fit.” – Julian Hale, Shen, HVAC

“I am  in the HVAC program because I have family in the industry and it seems right for me.” – Paul Giacalone, Shen, HVAC

“I’ve always like welding. I like that its hands on and you accomplish stuff.” – Jayden Fogarty, Shen, Welding

“My dad redid our house and I helped with the wiring and I liked it a lot so I chose this for a career.” – Joey McLaughlin, Shen, Electrical Trades

“I want a career as a mechanic. I like all things about cars.” – Lucas Rysedorph. Shen, Auto

“I like the design and creativity of the program and the industry.” – Kelly Westervelt, Fashion, Shenendehowa

“I love it. It’s different than being in the black box at Mohonasen because we get to do more things and learn with more equipment.” – Kathryn Legasse, Shen, Entertainment Tech

“I plan to go to college for theatre because I love it.” – Kathryn Legasse, Shen, Entertainment Tech

“I like the hands-on work and the new skills. It’s therapeutic. I plan on becoming an electrician. Right after I am done with high school, I am going to call the IBEW and try to get into an apprenticeship.” – Colin Chatterton, Shen, Electrical senior

“I have always wanted to be an engineer and I am really good with my hands and math. I figured this program would get my foot in the door into a good program.” – Adian Matile, Shen, Manufacturing

“It’s good to have the certifications. It was a little difficult, but not that hard to earn,” said Alimat Akinsanya of Shenendehowa. “I love to style and cut hair.”

“I have always been interested in games and I am enjoying learning about game design and how to make them.” – Connor Hanley, Shen, Video Game Design

“I have always been into them and interested in how they work. I want to learn more.” Nick Dunham, Shen, Video Game Design

“I chose diesel because I have been around it my whole life.”- James Bruder, Diesel, Shen

“It’s good to be around other people and to learn.” – Cooper Blake, Shen, CJ