Taking accelerated technology at 8th grade seems to open up to so many courses in high school. There also seems to be some bias in the selection process where grades don’t seemed to be cared about nearly as much as the motive for joining. If you were rejected from the class and you’re on the waiting list, is there anything you could do to get in? I’ve contacted the administrator and I was told I’m second on the waiting list. Where can I go for updates?

Written by on September 9, 2019

A. Accelerated Technology decisions are made by objective analysis of a comprehensive set of data points including science grades, science level, math grades, and math level in addition to responses collected on the application by the deadline.  The number of seats are determined by the number of computers available in the two computer labs that offer the course.  Because the course requires Autodesk Inventor, Chromebooks cannot be used.  Please email the Academic Administrator for Technology, Mrs. Barra at barrrose@shenschools.org for updated information regarding your waitlist status.  Taking the DDE course in 9th grade does not preclude students from attaining a 5 credit sequence in technology.  Please refer to the High School Technology Department Program of Studies to review the variety of progressions that are available to our students.