Thank you for defending the rights of disabled students after the very insensitive and mean spirited comment by another parent about the “waste” of money on special education aides. As you noted, by federal law established under President George Bush, and heralded by Senator Robert Dole, the Individuals with Disabilities Act was passed, ensuring that those with disabilities have the same rights as everyone else. According to the post, the parent was taking the word of her child about the disabled child’s behavior and potential. How absurd. Every human life has value, and every child has value. That is not politically correct; it is decent and humane. In general, schools spend their money on athletics and academically high achieving students. To resent money spent on a disabled person is cruel, and to teach that to your child is even worse. Maybe, you should worry more about your and your child’s lack of empathy, rather than judging another child’s struggle. Someday we will all be old, disabled, sick, or all three. How will your child regard you then? Will it simply be too politically correct to spend money on you?

Written by on December 18, 2018

A. Thanks, all student who go here are equally important Shen students.