There are a number of juniors who have been given early release this year in light of the changes in scheduling. Many of those juniors have a driving license but have not been allowed a parking space. Every time I have come to pick up my child the student parking lot has a ton of open spots. Can you please help me to understand why we are not giving out parking spots to juniors and are giving out tickets to them?

Written by on March 15, 2021

A. In a typical year, we give out approx. 350 parking spots to seniors. This year, we have nearly doubled that for seniors since we now have two cohorts. Should restrictions loosen and we begin to return more students on a regular basis, we are over the limit with respect to parking capacity. A student is welcome to stay and work independently in the library during early release should transportation be a concern. We also offer one-day parking passes for students should they have an appointment they need to get to.