This is getting seriously ridiculous. In Gowana 4th period lunch is when i take a bathroom break. For the past month and monitor has been standing in the bathroom waiting for us to finish. Then when i was washing my hands and fixing my hair in the mirror, the monitor was saying that i cant be standing around. I also feel like my privacy is invaded, i can see the monitor through the cracks in the stalls just standing there. I don’t want to feel rushed and watched as im simply just going to the bathroom. Also there is always such a long line to go to the bathroom , we have to wait by the entrance to the cafeteria, its stupid. If there are so many people then why can’t we just use the ones in acadia or by the tech rooms?

Written by on May 10, 2019

A. There is an adult that stands outside of the bathroom to monitor student activity.  On occasion, an adult will enter the bathroom if there is commotion or to verbally move students along.