This school district is more about obtaining a certain than education. A honor students with no problem behavior not qualify for senior or parking permit privileged because of tardiness but not because they are great students in school. What kind of life lessons are y’all teaching those children. Those parking permits or senior privilege should be based on merits.

Written by on September 9, 2019

A. The requirements for senior privileges are pretty basic and posted for everyone to see: Failure to meet them is the fault of the student, not the district.

  • Academic Progress: earn a passing grade for all courses
  • Effort and Conduct: a score of 1,2, or 3 is required for all courses
  • Attendance: no more than 3 TSU, TU, or AU marks on your attendance record
    • TSU- tardy to school unexcused
    • TU- tardy to class unexcused
    • AU- absent to class unexcused
  • Behavior: no class cuts or Level 3 or Level 4 infractions
  • Financial Obligations: include book fines, library books, technology, or other fees or fines