Thursday November 29th the afternoon bus 320 was awful. We had a sub and instead of following the route he was given, he listened to the 6th graders who was telling him to go to their houses. Normally i get off the bus at 4:00 but we weren’t even halfway done by that time. Along with every other student i ended up having to get off at a stop that wasn’t even on the route. This isn’t much of a concern for now because i asked my parents to pick me up from the stop but when the icy weather starts this is going to be a problem. I in no way blame the bus driver but he should have stayed on route and not had listened to the 6th graders.

Written by on December 18, 2018

A. Thank you for sharing this information. The bus driver should’ve stayed on the route according to the outline dispatch gave. We will look into this particular incident and speak with the driver.