Tips from the Transportation Department…

Tips from the Transportation Department

We hope you and your children are having a great summer! We’re looking forward to welcoming your students onto our buses when school begins in September; meanwhile, we are busy working to make sure everything in place for that first day of school. Here are some ways you can help your child have a safe busing experience.

  • Does your child need Alternate Transportation? Alternate Transportation is when a student is bused anywhere OTHER than to or from the primary address/home. For instance, they may be bused to or from a daycare or a secondary home address (within the constraints of district policy #5710
    • It’s important to take care of Alternate Transportation plans early so they are ready for the first day of school. If you have not submitted your request, please do it NOW. You can find the Alternate Transportation Form here:
    • If you choose to wait, your Alternate Transportation may not be in place on the first day of school. You may have to make other plans to get your child to or from school for up to 2 weeks until your Alt Trans goes into effect.
    • Alternate Transportation Requests are processed on a “first come, first served” basis. All students must be treated the same, and we do not do “priority” cases. While you may feel you have a special situation, other parents probably have a similar set of circumstances. Avoid last-minute requests by taking care of Alternate Transportation now.
    • For your student’s safety, we cannot make last minute busing changes. It takes time to process the request and inform drivers of the changes. This helps to ensure that your child boards the correct bus and arrives at the right destination. Safety is our priority!
  • Check your busing information early and often
    • Your busing information is currently available on the Parent Portal. Please use this great resource to view that information, and continue to check it right up until school starts. Sometimes changes in busing are made, and this is the best way to access up-to-date information. The portal updates at midnight each day. If you have not registered for the portal, consider doing so.
    • When your mailers containing busing information arrive, if there is an error, call us right away in order to ensure that it is fixed before school begins.
    • Keep in mind that if you recently made a busing change, it may not have been processed before the mailers went out, and the mailer will reflect the old information. Check the transportation tab on the parent portal to view recent changes.
  • Do you have a Middle or High Student who has a Day Variant schedule? A Day Variant schedule is when a secondary school student may be picked up and/or dropped off at a primary or secondary address/home on any given day.
    • The busing information in the mailer sent to your home will show the primary address as Monday through Thursday, and the secondary address as Friday. Rest assured that your Middle or High student may ride either bus in both the morning and afternoon.
    • The busing information on the portal will show only the Primary address
  • Do you have a Middle School student who attends Period Zero? Period Zero students ride the High School bus to attend an early class, but will also have regular Middle School busing for days when he/she may not attend Period Zero.
    • The busing information in the mailer sent to your home will show the earlier High School busing as Monday through Thursday, and the later Middle School busing as Friday. The student may ride either bus on any given day.
    • The busing information on the portal will show only the earlier High School busing.

Enjoy the rest of your break, and we’ll see you soon!

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