To whom it may concern, in response to the question about “the process of selecting class officers” your thoughts and feelings have been taken into consideration. I am sure the current officers that had been elected for their positions are WELL qualified. I am so happy to see a parent so involved in the students ranking of officers, but some of your statements are invalid. Even if the ascertain you make on behalf of choosing other candidates is correct, it is probable that the advisors saw them as unfit for the position. After three years, the senior class had come to the realization that the three previous officers hadn’t fulfilled their roles to the best of their abilities, resulting in the current election outcome. I am sure whoever made you aware of this possible rumor regarding the “landslide win” also made you aware that there was a “Meet the Candidates” day in the library, where a discussion was held detailing each candidate’s visions for the year and the direction they would take the class in. Therefore, the senior class had an opportunity to meet each candidate and ask questions. Additionally, each running candidate had made a video introducing themselves, and describing the position they were running for. The vote was made by the PEOPLE and for the PEOPLE, just because those three previous seniors had not been chosen does not make the election invalid, it just simply means the students had woken up and realized that the three previous seniors were not fit for the roll they were trying to assume. Thank you for your concern though.

Written by on December 20, 2019

A. Thanks for the feedback.