Today during 5th Period, the library was closed due to reasons of it being “full”. There were clearly seats available and students leaving the library. Students who needed a working space were not given access to the venue, whereas their peers were able to work.

Written by on May 10, 2019

A. We can understand the frustration at finding the library at capacity. Though this doesn’t happen very often, if you have academic work to do and want to guarantee entry see Mr. Davidson and he will write you a pass which will ensure entry.

As you may know, lunch periods are extremely busy in the library and 5th is the busiest. There are times during lunch periods where we are at capacity and would not be able to maintain an academic environment with the three adults and more than 300 students in the room. A determination to stop the flow of students is not based on whether there might be a few seats empty but the environment in the largely full facility at that time. This doesn’t happen that often (maybe 5 times since we reopened in January) but is sometimes necessary to maintain order in the room.

Please feel free to stop by and speak to Mr. Davidson to discuss library policy and procedures.