Up until yesterday, I was pleased with how different virtual learning was compared to last year. Yesterday was a joke; no attendance taken, no accountability. Not a great way to start the expectations of Virtual Wednesdays for students. Virtual Wednesday’s really means a day off unless a teacher makes a conscience effort to schedule class time, which is now reduced on those days. Are teachers required to do professional development during this time? Are they held accountable?

Written by on September 28, 2020

A. When there are Virtual Wednesdays (for grades 7-12) they will be used for reteaching, small group instruction, whole class instruction, enrichment, and/or extra help.  Teachers are working hard to address the complexities of the hybrid/completely virtual schedule (i.e., some students from the classroom and others learning from home) and extended teaching blocks.  Professional development time will be used productively to ensure a quality learning experience for students.  While teaching and learning in 2020-21 is not the same due to many health and safety restrictions, a lot of quality work is happening.