Urgent News: Issues with processing of absentee ballots by the printer…

Written by on June 4, 2020

School districts across the region are facing a difficult situation with the processing of absentee ballots by the printer. Shenendehowa met all of the deadlines for processing, however the printer did not deliver on what was promised.

Unfortunately, we were informed today that voters may not receive ballots until Friday or Saturday. We have worked with the Post Office to make sure they will be delivering the ballots via 1st Class Mail as soon as possible. Over 28,000 ballots are being mailed out.

Recognizing the short turnaround time to mail ballots back to the district, the district has set up drop boxes at the following locations to ensure that every ballot can be returned by the June 9 Vote:

  • ·District office (5 Chelsea Place)
  • ·Chango Elementary School
  • ·Okte Elementary School
  • ·Shenendehowa High School
  •  Acadia Middle School

If someone is physically unable to drive to one of these locations due to a disability or otherwise, please call the district at 518-881-0600 and leave a voice message by Monday June 8, 5 p.m. to make arrangements to have the ballot picked up from your residence.

Ballot boxes will be monitored by video surveillance to ensure safety and ballots will be picked up by security stored in a secured location until the date of the vote.

We recognize and share your frustration.  Please know we are doing everything possible to make the best of a situation created by decisions made without input from school districts about nuances of operationalizing it with such a limited time constraint and large volume.

On May 1, the Governor signed the Executive Order setting the statewide budget vote for June 9 by absentee ballot only. There were many steps that needed to be taken prior to mailing ballots in a very short time, including but not limited to:

  • Preparing a budget without knowing state aid.
  •  Printing and mailing a postcard with information about the absentee ballot and public.
  • Board candidates application deadline of May 12th…ballot could not be printed until this was done.
  • Board adoption of the budget on May 19th…ballot could not be printed until this was done.
  • Verifying the electronic ballot with the county board of elections and machine custodian
  • Ballot template and address listing provided to the Printer on May 21
  • Public hearing on the budget on May 26th. Printing and mailing required budget notice after public hearing
  • Finding a company that could print and mail 30,000 ballots during a pandemic in a very limited time frame.
  •  Development of a list of households with qualified voters.
  • Printing of 30,000 ballots and return postage paid envelopes.

As always, we appreciate your patience and support. Please use the Drop Boxes to ensure the timely receipt of your ballots.