We are pleased to announce that Dr. Elizabeth Wood has been named Deputy Superintendent by the Board of Education effective July 1.

Written by on July 12, 2018 in District News

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Elizabeth Wood has been named Deputy Superintendent by the Board of Education effective July 1.head shot of Dr. Wood

The Deputy Superintendent serves as the second in command on the Superintendent’s Cabinet, overseeing internal operations lending to more direction, clarity & accountability for the work. The Deputy Superintendent directly assists the Superintendent of Schools with the articulation, prioritization, and manifestation of a clear vision of a comprehensive K-12 program to ensure that all district students meet and exceed the New York State Standards, connecting and aligning service provisions across the K-12 continuum with increased accountability for results from all aspects of the district. The Deputy Superintendent position provides greater organizational/structural capacity to ensure measureable increases in student performance by more effectively leveraging the expertise of all personnel.

The Deputy Superintendent is responsible for leading and overseeing the planning, assessment, accountability, reporting, and evaluation of all activities pertaining to provision of education related services to students, including and not limited to instruction, curricula design, professional development, personnel hiring and evaluation, budget resources, and facilities.

The Deputy Superintendent provides leadership and supervision of building principals (formal evaluation consistent with the APPR plan), academic administrators, and relevant district level administrators to achieve and maintain the best possible educational program and services, aligned with all aspects of the Profile of a Shenendehowa Graduate, Profile of a Shenendehowa Middle School Student, Profile of a Shenendehowa Elementary Student, and consistent with the district’s Values and Beliefs.

The Deputy Superintendent also provides leadership to coordinate efforts regarding instructional support, including, but not limited to special education, ENL, AIS, and Acceleration; curriculum development, student services, instructional technology, federal programs, and professional development provisions.

Most importantly, the Deputy Superintendent has the authority to utilize the expertise of all personnel to ensure the provision of high quality education that lends to growth and value added performance and impact on student learning. The Deputy Superintendent is authorized to execute the duties of the Superintendent in his absence.