Well to put clarity on the current situation with the “Trump Art” I am an art student who attended the AFTER SCHOOL art show (SuMOA, not the district art show) that is run by students. The student who put this display up was not intending for people to write all over it. It is student’s freedom of speech to write those things no matter how much others do not like it. But it is also unacceptable to deface another student’s artwork, this turned into a mob mentality sort of thing and when others saw people doing it they joined in. There are also many accusations being made about many teachers being left minded but I have also had many teachers who I could tell were right, all together people are allowed to believe what they want. Saying that the entire administration is left minded because one thing about the right sided president is a pretty big accusation. I am not trying to defend this art piece but I do think the backlash it has received because it was not even the student who created the piece’s fault is a little extreme.

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A. Thank you for your feedback.