What are the policies when it comes to the schools counselors? What is the confidentiality policy? How well does Shen actually support mentally ill students?

Written by on November 1, 2019

A. The Board of Education is fully committed to providing a school environment that enhances the learning and development of lifelong wellness practices and supports the overall health and wellness of all members of the school community.

In an effort to include mental health education, the Mental Health Education Literacy in Schools:  Linking to a Continuum of Well-Being  has been created and is to be used in conjunction with the New York State Health Education Guidance Document.   With the support of these documents, mental health can be presented to students as an integral part of one’s overall health from an early age and these concepts will be reinforced throughout their education.

When students share confidential information with an employee of the district we want  to ensure that they are getting the support, education and assistance they may need.  At times that may warrant working with a variety of staff, i.e. nurse, admin, support counselor.