Where are the ballots, Sat. mail has come and still nothing in the mail. If a household only receives one they will not know till Monday 6/1 ? Then they will need to request a ballot for the eligible voter that did not receive one.They will be lucky to get it in time ! Ballots must be mailed by 6/5 to make it back to District office by 6/9! Why has Shen stumbled so badly on getting ballots to voters?

Written by on June 1, 2020

A. The executive order stipulated that ballots are mailed out by June 2, which is tomorrow. Districts across the state mailed ballots either on Friday, Saturday or today. On May 1, the Governor signed the Executive Order setting the statewide budget vote for June 9 by absentee ballot only. There were many steps that needed to be taken prior to mailing ballots in a very short time, including but not limited to:

  • Preparing a budget without knowing state aid.
  • Printing and mailing a postcard with information about the absentee ballot and public.
  • Board adoption of the budget on May 19th…ballot could not be printed until this was done.
  • Board candidates application deadline of May 12th…ballot could not be printed until this was done.
  • Public hearing on the budget on May 26th. Printing and mailing required budget notice after public hearing
  • Finding a company that could print and mail 30,000 ballots during a pandemic in a very limited time frame.
  • Development of a list of households with qualified voters.
  • Printing of 30,000 ballots and postage paid envelopes.

The district has issued a notice several weeks ago and a postcard was mailed to every house weeks ago about obtaining a ballot if you think you will not be on the listing.

Additionally, the district has added the extra step of a drop box located at the District office for those who are concerned about the timing of mail delivery.