While I appreciate that this was an unprecedented situation, I was both impressed and disappointed with how the K-2 teaching staff handled and approached it. I write this with hope that if distance/online learning continues this fall it will be more uniform in approach across the district and better resources will be in place for those teachers that do not know how to teach virtually. On the positive side I was extremely impressed with the AIS staff and the time and detail they put into their weekly lessons, individual meetings, and group meetings with the children. While some K-2 teachers appeared to have awesome websites, full of instructional videos, weekly meeting schedules, thoughtful assignments, continued introduction of material, etc. that was not the case for all the teachers. I was extremely disappointed with my child’s teacher. While I understand the district set a limit of a half hour per day for K-2 students, it was extremely disappointing to receive the weekly school assignment schedule to see it filled with instructions like “Monday – Read a book of your choice – Write anything you want – Complete this Go Math section online”. While occasionally a new topic would be introduced, it was rare. Was there really nothing new left to learn since mid-March except for the rest of the math book? I felt as though the effort put in from the teacher I was interacting with very disappointing. It took 5 weeks before my child even “saw” their teacher with their class on a meeting. I found myself visiting other teacher’s websites throughout the district to collect work for my child to do so they were not falling behind. I seems as though the K-2 students were treated with an approach of “it doesn’t matter, we’ll just catch them up when we see them next” because they are not in that critical state testing group yet. My question would be: 1) Was there any guidance given to K-2 teachers as to what kind of work should be done with the children during distance learning. It seems as though all the teachers approached this time VERY differently. 2) Was anyone reviewing what the teachers were offering to their students during this time? 3) What guidance will be given to teachers for the fall? Would it be possible to standardize it at all across the district so all children will be learning from the teachers and keeping the same pace. Or will it at least have set requirements (ie. teacher actually teaches some lessons through a video, regular group meetings, smaller reading groups with teacher, etc.). Thank you!

Written by on July 17, 2020

A. That is a conversation. Please contact your school principal or the Deputy Superintendent for Curriculum to discuss.