Why are Booster clubs not allowed to sell apparel anymore? The Shen Shop is fine for students but the items are NOT for parents. Students and parents have very different tastes. Where are we supposed to go to buy gear to support our children since you won’t let our booster clubs sell to us? Now parents are forced to go out of their way to find Shen sports specific gear to support their children and the Booster club loses the much needed funds. As parents we spend hours in the stand often in not the best weather supporting our children and now we can’t even show our support for our teams!

Written by on May 1, 2017 in Grapevine

A.  Each sport season, the Shen Shop will have an athletic store with fan apparel. The items in the store are selected by the athletic department and coaches for that season. You can customize the items with your child’s sport. Any item purchased that is customized with a specific sport, that Booster Club receives 6% of the sale.

The Shen Shop is a continuation of efforts over the past several years to ensure that the district, as an institution and all employees/associated groups, are protected from impropriety in handling money, conflicts of interest (i.e., friends,  relative or neighbor of business owner), misappropriations and other irregularities. Quite honestly too many groups were selling Shenendehowa merchandise with no accountability.