Why is recess a thing in Acadia? Like I get some reasons of it, but as my child came home alarms were going off in my head. Let’s say a creep/or someone who does not think right comes to campus everyday. They see what time the kids go out. This could lead to kids being taken and much more. Also another thing, is the monitors are outside with them. No offense but the monitors don’t have the strength to stop a predator. Acadia has been changing drastically and for kids who are in the 8th grade and it’s too much to handle because they have stayed the same for 2 years which was very hard to get used to. Now everything seems to be changing. Acadia was a dandy school last year. What happened? I heard 6th graders can’t even go to the library without a teacher signed pass! This school is going downhill quickly and I’m scared of my youngest to head there. Thank you – A concerned parent

Written by on March 12, 2019

A. We see recess as an opportunity to expend some pent up energy, get some exercise and move around after a long morning of sitting in classes – it is not mandatory and is for those students who choose to go out.

As far as a pass from a teacher to go to the library – yes, if a student needs to go to the library for work, get a book, etc. then they should speak to one of their teachers and secure a pass – for safety and supervision reasons this reduces the number of students just getting a pass to get out of a study hall to walk the halls.  The students now leaving study halls to go to the library are doing so for real educational reasons.