Why is SUNY Spanish offered for both junior and senior year? What benefit do you get for taking 2 years instead of one? Is this benefit only for students attending SUNY schools or can students going to other colleges also benefit?

Written by on July 24, 2017

A.  There are two SUNY-level courses offered for each language: SUNY I (junior year) and SUNY II (senior year). Each course provides students with an opportunity to earn up to four college credits, so by taking two years a student could earn up to eight college credits. Course credit is offered through the University at Albany for French, Latin and Spanish; and through SUNY Oswego for German. The courses are transferrable to SUNY schools, and other colleges and universities may accept the credits as well. It is recommended that students reach out directly to non-SUNY schools to find out whether or not they will accept these credits.