Will School Budget ballots be mailed AUTOMATICALLY to all voters in the Shen District. Or will they have to be requested , if so how to request.

Written by on May 14, 2020

A. We are doing three mailings with regard to the budget vote.

The mailing list is the same one that we use for every budget vote, newsletter and community education. This list includes ALL addresses in the 12065 zip code as well as taxpayer addresses of residences in the other zip codes within the district.

The three mailings include:

  • A postcard that is required with information on the date of the vote, the public hearing and a link to an online form to request a ballot. This is being mailed on May 15,
  • The absentee ballot with a return postage-paid envelope.
  • The annually required budget notice which is required to be mailed after the public hearing on May 26.

Also, district staff are in the process of typing all of the names and addresses of voters who signed in at the last two budget votes and the district is sending ballots to those individuals.

In addition, the form to request a ballot has been published on the website, on the district social media sites, emailed to all employees and parents, and sent to all media outlets to publish.

For those reading this, the form to request a ballot can be found here: https://bit.ly/ShenVote,