With all due respect, students should have their phones. Though it may be “unnecessary” with our chrome books, it’s important for communication use. Some kids have anxiety and it only helps them to talk to their parents and the only way they can do that is over text or over the phone. I understand that it shouldn’t be done during class but still they should still be allowed outside of class and when the teacher allows them. For example, if there’s ever a intruder and the school is in a bad situation, kids should be able to contact their parents themselves, just in case while keeping their phone on silent. I understand there are many issues going on about the phones in the locker rooms and such but that’s because of the person and they should have known better.

Written by on March 5, 2020

A. Middle School: We allow students access to a phone in the Main Office.  Additionally, when needed, students have used their phone with permission from an adult in the school (this is usually due to not knowing their parent’s number).

High School: Students are allowed to have their phones in high school. When in academic areas they can only be used at the discretion of the teacher. Phones should not be out in locker rooms or bathrooms.