You are providing Chromebooks for some grades to use at home. That’s nice, but are you also going to pay for internet access so students can use them at home? Internet is expensive!

Written by on October 17, 2017 in Grapevine

A.  Some of the programs students will use on their Chromebooks are available without wifi, if the student opens the program while in school.  In those cases the student can work offline and the Chromebook will sync with the student’s google drive account when he/she comes back to school the next day (see directions below).   Additionally, some places in the community offer free wifi (free wifi map). 

Directions for offline use – will work for google docs, slides, and sheets:

In google drive, go to settings, check the box for offline use.  It will take the Chromebook a while to setup offline copies of the doc. Students will need to leave their Chromebook logged on and open so the Chromebook can cache files.  The student should then be able to open their drive and the document to work offline.