You stated that their needs to be accountability from the booster clubs with selling Shen apparel. The Booster Clubs are formed for each team to be a liaison between the team and the Athletic Department. They put the teams best interest first. Be careful when speaking about Booster Clubs using “friends, relatives or neighbors”. Maybe the district should look at the relationship between this vendor and the district itself. Was there an RFP for the current Shen Shop? If so, shouldn’t that be made public? How can the district justify turn around time on the product? How can the district justify the difference in cost when the current Shen shop vendor is MUCH more expensive then those vendors that the Booster Clubs use? The numbers speak for themselves. I’m sure the district is very diligent when spending their budget dollars, why shouldn’t the booster clubs do the same?

Written by on May 4, 2017 in Grapevine

A. We did not mean that booster clubs need accountability specifically. They do a great job raising money for our athletic teams. It simply explained why the Shen Shop was created. Many groups sell Shen merchandise including booster clubs, PTA, class councils, clubs, and many other fundraising activities (more than you can imagine)…typically with no bidding process and no accountability. Things are fine until they are not. Then it comes back to the district. We also discovered that shops were selling Shen merchandise on their own as well.

Last year, the district issued an Request for Proposal (RFP) to build the shop. It was posted on the website and in the local newspapers. We also sent a letter with the RFP to all of the local shops that we knew about. Broadway Marketing was the only group to submit a proposal. The shop provides a money trail, with reports about what was sold and what was earned by each group. It also provides the district with the awareness of all of the many fundraising activities using the Shen name that go on throughout the district.

The district has committed to a three-year contract, at which time, vendors will be able to bid again. The district is also currently exploring trademarking and licensing of its graphic identifiers (name, logos, etc.) that will allow other vendors to sell merchandise as well.