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9/9/21 – Are chicken patties/pizza always offered at lunch at HSE? – Student

A. Yes, they are offered every day at HSE for lunch.

How do I get a refund of the balance available in my senior’s PayPams account?

A. Please contact the Food Service office at 518-881-0630 and request the refund.

Where does Shen get its stuffed shells? I love those.

A. They are from a brand called Tasty Brands and are only available for schools. 

Is there a place where we can see how many calories are in one of the main courses for lunch at the middle school?

A. No,you can contact the kitchen or the food service office and they can provide it for you.

PayPams now charges $1.95 for EACH transaction. That’s crazy. So if I budget $30 a month I have to pay $31.95!!! Can’t the school do something about this. They are making enough money with the $1.00 fee now they doubled it. They are making money off feeding our children. Please respond.

A. The fee is a credit card fee charged by the Paypams website and is not collected by the district or the Food Service Department.  

Why hasn’t the after school snack program been open for more than a week at HSE?

A. They are closed during Regents week.

The high school lunches in east are not filling at all especially for all the money i spend on this lunch that doesn’t fill me up im still starving.

A.  We follow strict instructions from New York State as to what we can serve and how much.  It is recommended that students take all 5 components (Grain, Meat/Meat Alternate, Fruit, Vegetable and Milk) to get a complete meal.

I’m going to ask for the 2nd time: Is there a reason that styrofoam trays are used in the school cafeterias? When I was in elementary school, we always used reusable plastic lunch trays that were just washed after lunch every day, which is a lot less wasteful and a lot better for the environment. Based on the research I’ve done, it seems that it would ultimately be cheaper to have reusable lunch trays. Even if it wasn’t, does the school really care that much about having a few extra dollars than saving the environment? How about instead of spending money on electronic signs and 100% unnecessary chromebooks, we spend a few extra dollars to help out the environment?

A.  The food Service department is  self-sufficient and does not get any money from the taxpayers.  Biodegradable trays are very expensive and the department does not have the resources to wash and reuse trays anymore. Please call the food service department with any questions.

Why do students with free or discounted lunch have to get a fruit, vegetable, entree and milk? I feel like it’s a waste of food requiring them to get it when they don’t eat most of it.

A.  It is a federal requirement that all students get a complete meal (including a fruit or a vegetable) in order for the meal to be free or reduced.

i forgot my code for my lunch account, where can i find it?

A. You can either call the food service department or ask the cashier when you go through the lunch line.