About Us

Shenendehowa Central Schools covers approximately 86 square miles serving families from the communities of Clifton Park, Halfmoon, Ballston Lake, Round Lake, Malta and parts of Waterford, Rexford, Mechanicville and Stillwater.

Approximately 9,850 students attend eight elementary schools (gr. K-5), three middle schools (gr. 6-8) and a high school (gr. 9-12). Shenendehowa is one of the largest central schools in the area.

Nine of the twelve schools, an aquatic center and a bus garage are located on a 232-acre campus in Clifton Park, New York. There are four neighborhood elementary schools and a district office located off campus.

Traditionally, the schools were named with Iroquois words. Shenendehowa, for example, means “great plains.”

Shenendehowa has more than one million square feet of building space, 357 acres of grounds, 52 playing fields, a bus fleet with more than 200 buses and 20 miles of roadways and parking lots.



To work continuously and in partnership with the community to ensure that all students develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, abilities and character needed to live useful, productive and rewarding lives

Values & Beliefs…defining HOW and WHY our students learn

Students learn best:

  • when adults serve as active, positive role models
  • when they are challenged, actively involved in learning and methods of instruction
  • when we are responsive to their needs
  • when personal responsibility for learning is cultivated and developed
  • when the subject matter is relevant and taught by motivated and well-prepared staff
  • when clear academic and behavioral expectations are communicated and understood
  • when their individual strengths and efforts are encouraged and recognized, and specific and timely feedback on their performance is provided
  • in a school community where respect, acceptance for differences, and civility are modeled by all
  • when their families are encouraged to take an active, supportive role in their education and basic human needs (shelter, nutrition) are met
  • in schools that are clean, well equipped, safe and conducive to learning
  • when they know we care about them

Profile of Shenendehowa Students…defining WHAT our students must learn to live and lead in a global community

The Profile of a Shenendehowa Elementary Student, Middle School Student and High School Graduate identifies in eight broad terms what all students must know and be able to demonstrate upon completion of each level.