Code of Conduct

Maintenance of Order on School Property

It is our expectation that every member of the Shenendehowa school community – students, faculty members, parents, administrators and support staff will contribute to and accept responsibility for an orderly and respectful school climate.
The following set of rules and regulations have been adopted to cover the conduct of students and adults. The intention of the rules is to help ensure safety and security of students, staff, and visitors. (This is done in compliance with Section 2801 of the Education Law.)

  • Code of Conduct for the Maintenance of Order on School Property  4410 (General Policy)
  • Code of Conduct Regulations 4410R  (Specific regulations including items below as well as the list of infractions and possible consequences)
    • Code for Appropriate Dress
    • Code of Conduct for Students Using Transportation
    • Code of Conduct for Students With Special Needs

Other Board policies related to the Code of Conduct

  • Athletic Code of Conduct –  7315, 7315R
  • Student Activity Code of Conduct –  7316
  • Unlawful Possession of a Weapon on School Grounds – 4411
  • Threats of Violence in School –  4412
  • Anti-Harassment in the School District – 4420