Athletic Placement Process for Gr. 7/8

Regulations for students in grades 7 and 8 to participate on  an interscholastic athletic team

The Athletic Placement Process is a process for screening students to determine their readiness to compete in high school level interscholastic athletic competition by evaluating their physical maturity, fitness and skill. The student may be placed at the appropriate level of competition which should result in increased opportunity, a fairer competitive environment, reduced injury and greater personal satisfaction. The intent of this program is to provide for students in grades 7 through 12 to safely participate at an appropriate level of competition based upon readiness rather than age and grade.  Students going out for modified teams DO NOT need to go through this process.

Prior to tryouts, students will have to complete the following:

The athlete will attend the specific sports meeting (will be announced in school) to receive the information regarding try outs.   Students must be recommended by the team’s coach in order to proceed through the Athletic Placement Process.

Step 1:

Print and complete student/parent portion of the athletic placement packet (personal information and parent signature forms). Athletic Placement Process Packet:

Return the completed packet to Coach Dochat (boys) at High School East or to Coach Eggleston (girls) at the Gowana Middle School.

Step 2:

The athlete must get his/her physical fitness scores from his/her physical education teacher.

Step 3:

Student must have a Sports Physical, either at school during the predetermined sports physical dates each summer (click here for information on school physicals), or by the student’s primary medical doctor (click here for information on private physical clearance).  Student will only be able to test if he/she meets the maturation requirement.

Step 4:

Student must have a MATURATION screening done by the school’s physicians, Dr. Marinello or Dr. Cotugno. STUDENTS MUST COME TO A SPORTS PHYSICAL TO HAVE THIS DONE.  It is preferred that you attend one of the summer physical dates.  If you cannot, special arrangements will need to be made.

Step 5:

Student must have a Physical Fitness test done by Coaches Eggleston/Dochat, to determine a student’s ability to participate in upper level sports. Students must first attend school physicals for maturation testing. Coaches will submit a list of athletes to be tested to Mr. Christopher Culnan, Athletic Director, and either Coach Dochat (boys) or Coach Eggleston (girls).  The ONLY athletes tested will be those who have completed the sports physical and maturation process with the school physician, Dr. Marinello.

If the student meets all the requirements, he/she will be eligible to TRYOUT for his/her particular sport. If a student does not meet one or more of the performance standards, he/she will not be able to try out.

For further clarification, please visit the NYSED Athletic Placement Process webpage