Tag: Facilities and Grounds

Is it possible to book a Shen gym or athletic field? And a follow-up question, could we book the middle school rooftop for a concert?

A. Due to safety concerns, the rooftop would not be an option. To book another facility on campus, please contact Amy Cullen in our Community Education Office to reserve the use of a facility.

Are teachers suppose to have their doors propped open during class?

A. No, doors are supposed to be closed and locked at all times.

Not a comment, but a question. Do Shen tennis courts have a backboard/wall for single player practice?

A. No.

Why are some teachers allowed to have kitchen appliances in their classrooms for personal use? I thought that was against district policy due to fire safety.

A.  Refrigerators, microwaves, coffee pots, hot plates, portable heating units, toaster oven, or other household appliances are not to be in classroom areas, with the exception of Family and Consumer Science and Special Education Life Skills classrooms.  If you know of a situation where one is being used, please inform your principal.

What are the machines that have a tube going out the widnow in some classrooms for? (HSW)

A.  They are a vent for the portable air conditioning units for those rooms.

Why are there so many potholes by the swimming pool and when will they be fixed

A. The potholes in this area are from the heavy school bus traffic. These potholes have been repaired twice with patching solutions during the winter, however proper adhesion is not favorable with the weather and cold temps. Once the asphalt plants reopen in the spring  more lasting repairs will be made.

Why does water, out of the HSE filtered water fountains, taste salty. I understand that filtration does not dispose of salt, but really?? You spend all this money on filtered water fountains and then the water is still terrible due to salt.

A. The water service for High School West and the entire district town is supplied from the town of Clifton Park. Water fountains provide filtering and many offer bottle filing devices.

Are all gender bathrooms available to non-transgender folk? Thank you so much.

A. Yes.

why aren’t there paper towels in the bathrooms, the hand dryers don’t dry my hands.

A. Hand dryers are better for the environment and more cost effective.

Why does the white gym have no water fountain?

A.  It was disconnected to avoid damage to the gym floor and a safety risk when wet, plus it was rarely being used. Students are allowed access to nearby fountains.