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12/6/21 – How would I be able to see and interact with the therapy dogs at High School East? I see them often but I never see them in use. – Student

A. The dogs typically stay with the staff member they belong to. Therefore, they end up interacting with students that have that staff member for class. Should you want to interact with therapy dogs, the Student Center has two that are available to everyone.

On the calendar I saw that the week after the end of school for high schoolers is something called “June Academy” I’ve never heard of this before, do you know what it is?

A. It is something that runs every year. It is an opportunity for students to make up work that they are on the borderline of receiving credit for courses.

are senior grades counted into GPA or class rank?

A. Yes, through the 3rd quarter to determine awards for graduation.

what if you fail a language class, do you need to do summer courses?

A. Students who fail a language course are not required to take a summer course. If they wish to earn the credit for the course, they would need to retake the course the following year. 

I saw a question about moving your google data to a normal gmail account before changing districts, does this also work if you’re going to graduate from Shen and want to preserve your data?

A. This feature is enabled for seniors in May of each year.  Before that, requests to migrate files to a personal account can be made through a helpdesk ticket with IMS.

Can you pull a copy of your transcript from the portal?

A. Current students need to request transcripts through Naviance. Please visit the Counseling, College and Career Center to attain instructions or view under Naviance home page link, Important Documents. Students who have already graduated/no longer attend Shen may request their high school transcript/records by filling out this form: Records Request Form. You can find more […]

what are the psats and what it on them?

A. The PSAT, is a practice test for the SAT. It also serves as a qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Program. Just like the SAT, the PSAT includes two sections—Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math—comprised of three tests: Reading, Writing & Language, and Math. There is no Essay.

Is there accelerated LOTE?

A. There is not a formal acceleration process for world languages. Acceleration is determined for individual students based on experience, home language, and demonstration of exceptional language skills. Students who are considered for acceleration are assessed, and must be recommended by a world language teacher or the Academic Administrator for WL and ENL.

Can you get a medal at graduation if you weighted gpa is over 95, but your unweighted isn’t?

A. Yes.

What are green and white awards? I got a letter in the mail for them!

A. The White Letter Award is awarded to students who have been selected by their club advisor for exceptional service/dedication to a club/activity last school year.  The White Letter Patch is awarded to recipients for the first time.  The White Letter Pin is awarded to recipients who have already received a White Letter Patch in […]