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My child is in 7th grade and gets so much homework. Their teachers assign many assignments that are more than three pages, every few days. I do understand that the kids are learning and they need to be more responsible with how they spend their time, but this homework is creating additional stress and anxiety into my child’s life. Is there anybody we can talk to about this?

A. Absolutely. The counseling center is a great resource and can help with strategies such as time management, learning strategies, stress management and more. Their website (https://sites.google.com/shenschools.org/gr6-8counseling/home) has tons of useful resources and information.

Acadia students now need a pass from a teacher to go to the library during lunch. Why is this? I often go to the library to work on my Chromebook (which is not allowed in lunch) or take out a book. Thank you for your time.

A.  This is so we can manage the number of students during any given period in the library from the three schools.

What’s the game plan for Chromebook use in the middle schools. There seems to be inconsistencies between different grades and different teachers?

A.  Students have been assigned Chromebooks in support of their learning.  Chromebooks are very useful to access online content, submit work, collaborate with other students, and organize and track assignments.  Teachers in the middle school are learning how to integrate Chromebooks effectively into instruction.  Many teachers are providing students opportunities to learn in ways not […]