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What is the policy for withholding recess for elementary kids? Visiting and subbing in the schools and talking with staff members I have found that different schools disciple differently. Some have a timeout table in the cafeteria and others make the kids sit out at recess or go to the office to sit. It is proven that elementary kids need time to run around and be kids, a lot more then they get now at school. It just astonishes me that teachers would be able to limit recess time for the kids that need it the most. Please let me know what the policy is for taking away recess for elementary students.

A.  In accordance with our Health and Wellness Policy 5661, Physical activity shall only be withheld if a student is a danger to him/herself or others. Recess or other physical activity time will not be cancelled for instructional make up time. The withholding or denial of recess time should be limited and used only as […]