Annual Go Home Early Drill takes place on Thursday, October 6. All students will be dismissed 15 minutes early. Click for more details…

Written by on September 28, 2022

The Annual Go Home Early Drill will be next Thursday, October 6, 2022. The following are guidelines for this drill:

  • All students in the Shenendehowa Central School District will be dismissed from school 15 minutes early on the designated day, including students participating in Y-time, interscholastic sports, play practice, and all other after-school activities;

  • All after-school activities are canceled for that day;

  • Non-public schools will also be dismissed 15 minutes early to align with District bus schedules;

  • The Elementary YMCA After-school Program will be held and will begin 15 minutes earlier than usual.

Coaches of interscholastic sports teams will receive direction from Chris Culnan regarding games and practices for the day. Please contact Kathy Wetmore-Chase if you have any questions or concerns about these procedures (ext. 68502).

The New York State Education Department requires all school districts to hold an annual “Go Home Early” drill to ensure that students and staff are prepared in case an emergency ever requires school grounds to be cleared and students to be transported home or to another location.