Acadia School Supply List

The district recognizes the need to request that parents/students purchase or lease special, personal items due to the nature of the activity or course. Items required for a course or to prepare and complete a New York State Regents examination such as, but not limited to, graphing calculators, will be provided by the district for each student’s use where students are unable to supply their own. 

Parents are asked to purchase supplies for their own children, in accordance with the Board of Education Regulation on School Supply Guidelines 7440R. Supply lists will be standardized for grades K-8 and shall be posted here prior to the start of each school year.


6th Grade

General Supplies needed for both teams

  1. earbuds/ headphones – must be able to fit in a pocket the size of a small pencil case
  2. 48 #2 pencils pre-sharpened (minimum – 24 will be kept in advisory) 
  3. (1) set of colored pencils 
  4. (4) highlighters – different colors 
  5. (1) black Sharpie fine point marker
  6. (1) calculator – Texas Instrument TI-30xIIs
  7. (1) box of tissues
  8. Optional – wireless mouse 

*    Earbuds, pencils, highlighters, and colored pencils are used throughout the year and need to be replenished 

Team 6-1

  1. (2) marble composition notebooks (100 sheet minimum)
  2. (4) 2-pocket folders with prong fasteners
  3. (1) single subject 70 page spiral notebook – black
  4. (3) 1 ½ inch binder
  5. (2) sets of dividers – pkg. of 5 / pkg. of 8
  6. (1) pkg. of reinforcers
  7. (1) pkg. of index cards (3×5 lined)

Team 6-2

  1. (1) marble composition notebook
  2. (5) pocket folders
  3. (1) pkg. of 2 glue sticks (1 will be kept in advisory)
  4. (1) pkg. of 3×3 Post-It Notes

*** Additional supplies may be required for other classes (Accelerated Math, Critical Inquiry, AIS, Read 180, Special Class Reading, PE, Tech, FACS, Health, Music, Art, etc). Additional team information will be coming during the first week of school.

7th Grade

The Middle Schools have made a concerted effort to minimize supply costs. All supply lists have been developed to have a total cost of less than $50, not including the materials that will be used all three years. There may be other supplies required during the school year. Below is the minimum that the teams both need. Once teams are assigned in late August, families will be able to work from the team specific lists (see below). This list does NOT include all the materials needed for some off-team classes (tech, LOTE, any music, etc.) Please restock your child’s pencils and paper periodically throughout the year.

EVERYONE (7-1 and 7-2)

1 binder (1.5 inches) 

1 pack of dividers

1 clip in folder

1 pack paper

1 pack pencils

1 pack pens

1 clip in pencil pouch

2 boxes of tissues for advisory

1 pack colored pencils

1 set earbuds/headphones (recommended with mic)

Scientific calculator- (recommended) Texas Instruments TI-30Xs

Team 7-2

1 composition notebook

**English acceleration students in 7th grade will need a composition notebook

8th Grade

(4) 3 hole folders (8-1)

3 Ring Binder

Loose leaf paper


Dry erase markers

Colored pencils (8-1)

Earbuds (Chromebook compatible) 

Scientific Calculator 

Graph paper (8-2)

Spiral bound graph paper notebook (8-2)

**English acceleration students in 8th grade will need a composition notebook


Headphones or Earbuds

1 Pack of expo dry erase markers

4 function calculator

3 – packages of #2 pencils

3 – boxes of tissues

1 – 24-pack of crayons

1 – 12-pack of markers

2 packages of glue sticks

Plastic folders: 1 red, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 orange, 1 purple, 1 yellow

Water Bottle – optional, no glass


1 pack of expo dry erase markers

1 – package of #2 pencils

1 – box of tissues

1 – 24-pack of crayons

1 – 12-pack of markers

1 pack of glue sticks