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10/12/21 – I thought varsity coaches are not allowed to coach at the club level for the same age group they coach at high school? Is this something that is now allowed because there is an absolute conflict of interest! Don’t be fooled thinking there isn’t. The favoritism undeniable. This has been asked before so please give us an accurate response. – Parent

A. Shenendehowa coaches are permitted to be involved with off-season clubs, programs and camps.  

Will Shen consider exempting students from gym who participate in competitive sports outside of school as other districts do?

A. Shen will not be exempting students from physical education who participate in competitive sports outside of school.

How does an athlete get a lettersmans jacket?

A. They are sold by the local apparel companies.

Is it true that Shen football players have to pay themselves to have their names printed on their jerseys. And that there are several players who don’t have personalized jerseys?

A. Varsity football players have always the opportunity to purchase their jerseys and put their name on the back.   The money from the jersey pays for the replacement jersey of that number in the next budget cycle.

what sports qualify you for a varsity letter? JV letter? and your graduation year numbers? I have heard some JV sports don’t get letters and only freshman sports get the graduation year numbers. Do modified sports get anything? Can you buy them somewhere if you don’t receive them even when you are on a school team?

A. All sports are afforded the same in regards to letters, inserts, numerals, etc…the issue is that some sports have freshmen levels and some sports do not. Varsity athletes receive a letter the 1st year they are on the team and an insert every subsequent year. JV athletes receive a jv letter the 1st year […]

Do modified teams compete at the same events as highschool teams? If not what do they do?

A.  The modified teams compete on their own schedule.  Sometimes it matches up with the high school schedule and sometimes it does not.  All game schedules can be found here https://www.schedulegalaxy.com/

Why doesn’t Shen allow varsity athletes to be exempt from PE?

A. New York State doesn’t allow athletes to be exempt from PE.

Do girls in 8th grade have to try out for outdoor modified track in the spring, or do they just get placed on a team? Also, is there cuts?

A. There are no tryouts for modified track.

can girls try out for the football team?

A. Yes, under commissioner’s regulations and NYSPHSAA rules regarding mixed competition   Info can be found here. http://nysphsaa.org/Portals/0/PDF/Handbook/2018-19%20Handbook/NYSPHSAA%20Handbook%20002.pdf

Is there a modified indoor track for middle schoolers?

A. The list of sports offered at Shen can be found here: https://www.shenet.org/athletics/athletics-staff-directory/