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What is a “term teacher”?

A.  A teacher hired for a semester or “term” for a leave position. 

um my teacher took a phone call during class is this against school policy

A. While it is professional practice to refrain from personal phone calls during class, there may be extenuating circumstances where it is warranted and there is no policy against it.

Is it allowed for teachers to grade writing prompts in which they ask you to demean modern political figures that they disagree with but you might not?

A. Employees may not use their office, classrooms, school facilities or school equipment as a means to promote personal political views and beliefs, however, teachers are encouraged to address issues of current events of instructional and informational value to students.

why can teachers and faculty make funny jokes about someone’s appearance or something similar but if students do it it’s considered bullying.

A. Teachers should not make jokes about a student’s appearance.

I was wondering if someone reviews and approves each teachers curriculum each year. Certain teachers have no method of teaching whatsoever and instead just handout labs and expect the students to understand the material with little to no background information.

A.  Curriculum and instruction are reviewed by academic administrators, as well as building administrators. If you have a specific concern, please first speak with the teacher and then with the building administrator if  you are not satisfied with the outcome.

How many applicants do you typically get for elementary SPED teachers? I heard from this lady that there is a severe shortage and they’re hiring unqualified people. Is this true?

A.  All of our teacher positions are posted and applications are submitted through OLAS. We receive 25-30 applications for special education positions,  not all candidates meet our standards. There is a shortage of substitute teachers across the capital region and while we have many subs on the list with certification,  NYSED allows for hiring of […]

Why don’t teachers and monitors get in trouble for swearing? Are they allowed to say whatever they want to students? Maybe they don’t know its unprofessional or maybe they don’t know how to act appropriately. Either way they should know how to act respectfully or be trained on how to act around students. (I don’t know if there is a rule against administration swearing at students but there should be)

A. No staff members should be swearing around children. Swearing is a bad habit, once learned it is hard to stop. That is why it is better if you don’t start.

Where can I find job descriptions for Shen employees? Is the job description on a job posting the official job description? Thank you.

A.  Contact the HR office if you have a specific question/ interest in a job description.   The postings highlight some of the specific responsibilities of the position.

Why does our Superintendent receive a one year extension on his four year contract every year? Shouldn’t every position in the district face an end of contract evaluation?

A. Education law limits the superintendents contracts in the state of New York to a maximum of five (5) years at any given point. The Shenendehowa superintendent has had a five year renewable contract, meaning it is reviewed and approved annually by the Board of Education, for at least the last 10 years. 

Why is it that the 9th grade PE teachers have chromebooks? Why aren’t they instead given to teachers? I know that teachers have to apply for them and they’re not just given to them, but this doesn’t make sense to me.

A.  PE teachers are teachers within Shenendehowa.  These teachers use the Chromebooks for assessments, recording student data such as heart rates, and to watch instructional videos demonstrating key concepts.  All high school teachers are encouraged to apply for Chromebooks to support student learning.