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Why do bus numbers keep going up when new buses are purchased? Why not just keep the same numbers as the old buses? There is no way Shen has upwards of 700 buses. What will happen once the number reaches 1000?

A. Bus numbers are associated with a specific bus relative to its maintenance record. Bus numbers can’t be recycled, otherwise they will cause conflict with maintenance records and corrupt our database. Bus numbers will continue to go up for quite sometime to come. And, you are correct, we don’t have 700 plus buses. We currently […]

Do HSW and HSE students ride the buses together?

A. Yes.

when is the next bus auction?

A. The district does not conduct auction of buses. We submit our buses which are to be removed from the operating bus fleet and have Auctioninternation.com auction the buses for us. We typically pull the buses from the active fleet during august and submit their information to Auctioninternational sometime in September. Please check Auctioninternational.com.

Who do I take to about raising the buses speed limit on the highway from 55mph to 65mph..these buses going 55 cause a lot of slowdowns and near accidents..not good

A. Bus speed limit of 55 MPH is set by New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law (8 NYCRR 156.3 e6). The speed limit is designed for the safety of the passengers.

Has Shen considered purchasing Tesla buses?

A. Shen transportation is always evaluating the various fuel/electric powered school buses and will continue to do so. Currently Tesla does not offer school buses. There are other electric powered school buses but their cost is too prohibitive at this point. We will continue to monitor the market forces and make decisions accordingly.

I understand filling a big bus in the morning with 15-35 students but how does the district justify wasting the fuel on sending a large bus for 1 special ed child? Doesn’t seem efficient

A. There many ways of distinguishing efficiency. We run more than 600 routes daily. Sometimes it is more efficient for us to use a bus that is already out on the road instead of sending another bus especially in the this day and age of extreme school bus driver shortage.

Does Shen have a plan to make the buses more efficient for the Earth? I mean come on each bus when on full takes 100 gallons of diesels and take 10 quarts of oil..that adds up.

A. Diesel buses are very efficient and run just as clean if not cleaner than LPG, Gasoline and CNG. Diesel powered buses are more efficient than other type of alternative fueled buses. We will stick to diesel for the foreseeable future to see how the electric powered buses and other alternative fuels mature and become […]

Why are the shen buses only one color? Don’t you think the students would be happier if the buses were multiple colors?

A. It’s the law.

Has the school ever considered putting some sort of tracker on the buses? For instance there could be an app, where the students are able to type in some information, such as the bus #, which would then tell us where the bus is, and how much time we have before it arrives to our bus stop. This way it would be a lot easier to be able to know how much time we have, and be able to make the bus on time and be ready early. Thanks.

A. In 2017, the district did test an App which would allow parents and students to track their bus location/arrival time. Unfortunately the app did not perform as we had hoped. We experienced a significant time difference on some of the buses from anywhere between 2-9 minutes, this would have created more issues for the […]

Why do you want to put wifi on the school buses? Who needs it? Did you survey the students? How many said that they would like to do homework on the bus but can’t do it without wifi? The bus ride is too loud, too shaky, and too short to do homework. So who requested this?

A. That is just an added benefit. Wifi is being added to buses to improve security and communications for bus drivers.