Does Shen have a plan to make the buses more efficient for the Earth? I mean come on each bus when on full takes 100 gallons of diesels and take 10 quarts of oil..that adds up.

Written by on May 10, 2019

A. Diesel buses are very efficient and run just as clean if not cleaner than LPG, Gasoline and CNG. Diesel powered buses are more efficient than other type of alternative fueled buses. We will stick to diesel for the foreseeable future to see how the electric powered buses and other alternative fuels mature and become financially viable to purchase. As a side note, electric buses must of course be plugged in for recharge. The side effect of recharging creates a higher need for more electricity which means more CO2 being produced by electrical generating companies. So, that best thing we can do for the foreseeable future is to wait on technology to mature.