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  • How can I get a copy of my school tax receipt?

    A. From there, look on the right side: “look up tax bill.” You can use your last name OR street name to search. Or you can email and she can mail it out to you.

  • Why are we blocked from using our personal email on our chromebooks?

    A. To protect our students from predators and other threats Shen’s G-Suites domain is what’s considered a “walled garden.” As such student’s email communication are restricted to Shen staff and students.  Furthermore, offs-site content filtering (required by law) is applied to a student’s account.  If students were permitted to logon to Chromebooks using their […]

  • how do you change a password on a chromebook?

    A.  At the logon screen of any middle or high school Chromebook click on the apps icon in the lower left corner and select Password Self Help Tool.  If you have previously setup your profile you can answer a challenge question to reset your password.  If you have not previously setup your profile you must […]

  • What is the curriculum for the Life Skills program at Shatekon?

    A.  The FSD curriculum is comprised of a variety of different programs and instructional approaches designed to meet the unique needs of students as they progress through a modified and adapted curriculum. Examples include, TouchMath, Equals Math, Reading Milestones, Reading A to Z, Unique Learning, etc.

  • What is the Responsive Schedule on the portal?

    A.  Responsive Schedule is a newer tool offered by IC to allow districts to offer one-time or short-term classes or classes that occur at other than regularly scheduled times.  Shen does not use this tool as all of our classes/courses are developed on the regular main scheduling tool.  Like many new features in IC, we do […]

  • How cold does it have to be to delay or cancel school?

    A. Many factors go into the decision to close school. It is not simply based on how cold or how many inches of snow is expected.

  • Is the pool open to the public?

    A.  The community education program coordinates times in which people can sign up for classes in the pool.  Due to the extent that the pool is used for student programs and swim team events/programs, we do not have open swim.  For further information please visit our website at:

  • Is resource class required if you have an IEP?

    A.  When a student has an IEP at least one special education service is required. Resource room is one of the services that may be recommended depending on the needs of the student. Resource room is not required for every student with an IEP. However, if the CSE has determined that this is the only […]

  • What grade is evolution in science class taught in Shen?

    A. It is part of New York State Science Standards and is taught in life science courses (Science 7 & Biology). There is some minor crossover in Earth Science when they cover the age of the earth & scientific evidence used to make that determination.

  • What is a referral?

    A. Written documentation of a behavioral infraction of the code of conduct.

  • Is there a dress code for teachers? It looks like Casual Friday found 4 more friends.

    A. According to the district’s Code of Conduct:  For the purpose of this Code, appropriate dress for staff members is defined as giving proper attention to personal cleanliness and clothing that is professional, safe and does not disrupt, distract or otherwise interfere with the educational process. Staff members are expected to model appropriate dress and decorum, […]

  • how much of the orchestra grade will be practicing?

    A.  The orchestra grade is based on preparedness and participation. Practicing is a part of the preparation necessary to successfully participate. Students who spend time practicing are generally more successful because the act of practicing makes a student more prepared.

  • Why has teaching cursive writing been eliminated from the school curriculum?

    A. We recognize there are many opinions about the value of cursive instruction as technology increasingly plays an important role in communication.  Shen has not intentionally eliminated cursive, however, cursive is not required as part of NYS learning standards.  We will be revisiting the topic of cursive writing, not for student mastery, but for the benefits […]

  • What’s read 180?

    A.  Read 180 is a specialized reading program for students who require specialized instruction beyond the District’s core reading program. More information about the program can be found following the link below:

  • When is homecoming 2016?

    A. 2016-17 dates are on the website calendar at: