You have stated that parents are not automatically notified if a student confides they feel they are transgender to a shen employee. What is the process shen follows in making this determination? Does Shen work with the Pride Center out of Albany? Has this group been invited into Shen classrooms? Does Shen use their gender identity information material in anyway? Please post the gender identity material currently taught to shen students. Every parent should be able to view this material on your webpage. Seems odd that you won’t publicly post the gender identity material you are teaching children.

Written by on November 21, 2017

A.  Each individual situation is different and requires specific attention to the student’s needs.  The district strongly encourages parent involvement and we would encourage the student to involve their parent/caregiver.  As for what is taught, in accordance with the Dignity for all Students Act students are taught about sexual identity and gender. The vocabulary words discussed in classes are Gender, Gender Expression, Transgender, Biological Sex, Gender Fluidity, Gender Role, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Gender Normative/Cisgender, Binary Genders, Nonbinary Genders, Pangender , Gender Nonconforming, and Transitioning.  The High School Health Department does not work with the Pride Center of Albany, does not have them in to the classroom, and does not use the Pride Center as a resource.