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Now that the BOE elections are over can we get the candidates to remove their signs surrounding the campus.

A. The district has nothing to do with campaign activities of prospective. It is up to the individual candidates.

I’d like to offer a suggestion regarding school board candidates. I, as a taxpayer, parent, and employee of the district, am not interested in where someone attended college. I am far more interested in what they’ve done since then and what involvement they have in the town and community, i.e., PTA board member, community volunteering, personal experience within Shen. Going forward perhaps allow for 4 or 5 questions on significant topics affecting our students and community and have that in their bio’s as well. I know that my views, based on my personal and professional life experience has changed significantly since my college years. I also would like to encourage all the candidates to be sure to include support staff in your discussions and decision-making. They are an integral part of our students’ educations.

A. It is up to the candidate to campaign and communicate their positions with their potential constituents to serve on the Board of Education. The district is not obligated to provide any information on a candidate apart from name. For the past 30 years, Shenendehowa has used a standardized bio for every candidate that is […]

How can I get a copy of my school tax receipt?

A. https://www.shenet.org/budget-finance/property-taxes/. From there, look on the right side: “look up tax bill.” You can use your last name OR street name to search. Or you can email greeamy@shenschools.org and she can mail it out to you.

Why does SHEN-BYOD wifi need registration every time the device connected to the wifi either turns off or disconnects? I just am asking why it cannot be just able to connect automatically instead of doing the registration once manually and not needing to manually connect again.

A. Whenever a device is disconnected from SHEN-BYOD it must authenticate before reconnecting. We suggest saving your username/password to make it easier.  With that said, each device must authenticate to connect to SHEN-BYOD.

Why were campus roads closed for one day?

A. We must close the roads for a 24-hour period each year to maintain private road status.

So I like to take advantage of the sidewalks and paths throughout the campus. Why is it that when there is a game on the soccer/lax fields across from Tesago, cars are allowed to park on the path behind the bleachers? Are these legal parking spots?

A. They are not legal spots…most recently, there have been barriers to separate the walkway. 

Some colleges have the ability to allow students to retain access to their college Google and Microsoft accounts. Why is Shen not able to allow seniors to maintain access to their Google accounts after graduating?

A. Our licensing agreements only covers current students and staff.

Who would I need to talk to to find out what happens if the screen to my chrome book is broken? Also how much do I need to pay to replace it.

A. MS students take their Chromebook to the Chromebook Care Center for repairs.  HS Students take damaged devices to the SHED (Student Helpdesk) for repairs.  Approximate pricing for replacement parts are posted on the SHEN 1:1 Page.

Hi, I am just wondering the reason why the new coming 6th graders next year get these very new advanced chromebooks. Personally, considering that the sixth graders here can’t even be trusted with playing games or not in class with THERE chromebooks, Why should these new 6th graders get touchscreen chromebooks?? I personally think its unfair and a little bit of waste of shen’s money. How does shen even afford new chromebooks every year?? I am just curious, Not protesting.

A. The district has established an obsolescence cycle that refreshes devices over time so all or most devices are not replaced all at once.  Currently new devices are issued to incoming 6th and 9th graders.  Six grade students use the same device for their middle school experience while 9th grades keep theirs through grade 12.  […]

when shen desktops and chromebooks get old does shen auction them off? if so where?

A. No, computers and Chromebooks are not auctioned at the end of their usable life.  In most cases devices are returned to BOCES where they are wiped of all data and then made available to other schools or in most cases are recycled.