I’d like to offer a suggestion regarding school board candidates. I, as a taxpayer, parent, and employee of the district, am not interested in where someone attended college. I am far more interested in what they’ve done since then and what involvement they have in the town and community, i.e., PTA board member, community volunteering, personal experience within Shen. Going forward perhaps allow for 4 or 5 questions on significant topics affecting our students and community and have that in their bio’s as well. I know that my views, based on my personal and professional life experience has changed significantly since my college years. I also would like to encourage all the candidates to be sure to include support staff in your discussions and decision-making. They are an integral part of our students’ educations.

Written by on May 14, 2021

A. It is up to the candidate to campaign and communicate their positions with their potential constituents to serve on the Board of Education. The district is not obligated to provide any information on a candidate apart from name. For the past 30 years, Shenendehowa has used a standardized bio for every candidate that is verifiable, consistent and not subject to interpretation.