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  • what are the requirements to attend junior prom

    A. The Junior Class Associate and Assistant Principal will be communicating directly with the class in the coming weeks. The requirements include being in good standing academically, behaviorally, and attendance. 

  • Are 9th grade latin students required to take the national latin exam? If so, why?

    A. Yes, all Latin students grades 9-12 are required to take the National Latin Exam. This prestigious 40 question multiple choice exam is taken both nationally and internationally. While students’ scores on the exam will not be factored into their average, this exam is an excellent way to showcase their Latin skills and knowledge. Latin Scholars […]

  • can you still graduate advanced regents even if you fail the checkpoint b exam?

    A. There are multiple ways to earn a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation, including earning a three-credit sequence in a world language. This would require you to pass the Checkpoint B exam. However, you can also earn this diploma with sequences in another area, such as fine arts, business, technology, etc. For specific information on […]

  • Are you allowed to learn a language outside of Shen and still get credit for it?

    A. Each situation is unique. At a minimum, the language study must be completed at an accredited institution (such as a local college). The course syllabus should be submitted to the Academic Administrator for review in advance, and proof of successful completion would need to be submitted at the end of the course. Credit cannot […]

  • How and when can I join SHED?

    A.  To inquire more about the SHED and how to join please speak with Mr. LaBarre, Mr. Gutchell, or Mr. Bullington. There is an application process they can explain to you.

  • Can the school establish a JROTC Program?

    A.  Any interest in starting a group should follow the proper channels for starting a new club. Please see an administrator for information on starting a new HS club.

  • will my AP World exam go into the portal

    A.  Students can access their AP exam scores in two ways.  They can login to the College Board website and get them directly.  After we receive them from the College Board, we upload them into students’ Naviance accounts. If you’re asking if AP exam scores are included in your course grade, the answer is no, […]

  • What do gold tassels mean?

    A. That questions has been answered before and comes up on our search:

  • Why is PDA allowed?

    A. It is not, but we try to work with students to understand that it is not allowed and in so doing, sometimes certain people are able to understand sooner than others regarding our expectations.

  • Which parts of HSE have AC?

    A. There are many parts that have AC and some that have cooling units.  The newer areas tend to have AC.

  • Are you allowed to wear hats in High School West?

    A.  Yes, students may wear hats in the halls as long as it abides by the dress code.  However, faculty and staff have the authority within their classrooms to require students to remove non-religious or non-medical headgear. 

  • how big of a backpack will students need for 9th grade?

    A. An average size backpack that would allow students to transport several binders and books to and from school would pretty much do.  Please note that students at High School West will not be allowed to keep their backpacks on them during the school day.

  • What are the requirements to attend senior prom?

    A.  Students may not have committed a Level 3 or 4 infraction of the Code of Conduct, may not be failing more than 1 course for the 3rd/4th marking periods through, have 90% attendance since March 1 and have not cut a class period since March 1 through the date of the prom.  They must […]

  • Who can apply to the World Languages Honor Society and when?

    Students who meet the following criteria may apply in the fall of 2016: Scholarship: maintaining a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 90 or better with a minimum Grade Point Average of 90 in a minimum of four (4) world language classes taken for high school credit. Volunteer Service: You must have completed at least 10 […]

  • Do you need to be in English honors to be in social studies honors…

    Q. Do you need to be in English honors in order do be in social studies honors 9th grade A. No. English and social studies honors are scheduled separately. Students do not need to have taken English 8 Honors to take Global History & Geography 9 Honors – but students’ reading and writing skills are taken into consideration […]

  • Weighting for college classes

     Q. I thought College classes were weighted at 1.06? Shouldn’t College Personal Finance and Investment be weighted at 1.06? A. They are but the weighting doesn’t kick in until the course’s final average is calculated.