Why is there a four-to-a-table rule in the library? I often go to the library with myself and more than 3 other friends (so 4). The odd person out will usually move a chair up to the table so we can all sit together. Me and my other peers frequently get yelled at for this, even when there are countless open tables. I don’t see how this is a problem, as long as the noise is kept in check. I believe that there should be a 3 strikes system for noise level if there is more than 4 to a table, seeing as more people = more noise. Names are taken of each person at the table, if there are more than 4, and they are being noisy. If someone’s name appears 3 times, they are not allowed to sit more than 4 anymore. Thanks for the feedback.

Written by on November 15, 2016

A.  The library is a busy and large facility (over 200 seats) in which we need to maintain an academic environment  in which classes can conduct research and students can read, work individually and in small groups on academic projects.  The four person to a table policy (also the policy in most area high school libraries) is a result of numerous student and staff complaints that the facility was too noisy and not conducive to academic work.  We have tried to respond to student requests to relax this policy in the past but quickly had to reinstate it as the environment became too loud and unmanageable.