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  • Is a college tour an excused absence? What forms do you need if any to get signed?

    A. Yes, you just need a note from your parents. BOE Policy/Regulation 7110R – Excused Absences According to Commissioner’s Regs 175.6: The reasons and applicable documentation deemed acceptable for an excused absence when school is in session, include, but are not limited to, the following: Personal illness; Illness or death in the family; Impassable roads […]

  • Why doesn’t Shen get days off on Islamic Holidays?

    A. The calendar is driven by BOCES, Board policy and contractual agreements. The days off for religious holidays have been based on the size of the population observing the holidays. At some point, with changing demographics and diversity in religions, it may be impractical to recognize any religious holiday.

  • What is the rule for buying your teacher a class christmas gift?

    A.  In accordance with Board of Education Policy 5230,  the Board of Education recognizes that gift giving, especially during the holiday season, may be a common practice for many District employees.  While the giving or exchanging of gifts may be acceptable among staff members, the Board strongly encourages District employees and students to show appreciation […]

  • You still never told me why my shoulders are stopping my peers from getting an education :(

    A. The dress code does not say anything about prohibiting shoulders showing. It says: Student’s dress, grooming and appearance, jewelry and accoutrements (such as spiked belts, spiked bracelets, spiked choker collars, or long hanging chains), makeup and nails shall be safe and appropriate and shall not disrupt, distract or interfere with the educational process or participation […]

  • Why can’t we dress as clowns at Gowana?

    A.  The district’s dress code prohibits clothing (or costumes) that are distracting to the district’s primary mission which is the education of our students. For that reason, most of our schools are moving away from costumes in school on Halloween, instead opting for after-school activities. Many of the Halloween costumes are violent or inappropriate for […]

  • what is our dresscode on confederate flag clothing

    A. According to the dress code in the Code of Conduct: “In order to promote and foster a culturally proficient school environment preserving respect, dignity, and civility, students shall not wear or display racially or ethnically provocative or divisive symbols or items that are vulgar, obscene, libelous, or denigrate others because of race, color, religion, […]

  • if you go on a college visit on a school day, is that considered an excused absence?

    A. Yes. According to the BOE Policy/Regulation 7110R: The reasons and applicable documentation deemed acceptable for an excused absence when school is in session, include, but are not limited to, the following: Personal illness; Illness or death in the family; Impassable roads or weather; Required court appearances; Quarantine; Attendance at health clinics; Approved college visits; […]

  • why don’t we get school off on muslim holidays?

    A.  The current policy only calls for days off on certain holidays. That same policy also recognizes that students may choose to observe a variety of established religious day and that decision will be respected.

  • Is there a dress code for classroom teachers?

    A. There is an expectation of professionalism and appropriateness. For instance, it is not uncommon to see a staff person wearing shorts or other summer attire this time of the school year, particularly teachers who are proctoring exams or participating in field day activities. However, in the same way we expect that students’ attire meet a […]

  • Why are drivers test absences marked as unexcused absences even if the parent calls ahead?

    A. Excused Absences According to Commissioner’s Regs 175.6:   a) Personal illness; b) Illness or death in the family; c) Impassable roads or weather; d) Required court appearances; e) Quarantine; f) Attendance at health clinics; g) Approved college visits; h) Military obligations; i) Religious observance; j) Disciplinary detention of incarcerated youth. All other absences for […]

  • Are there any policies towards locker decorating?

    A. At the middle schools, it varies slightly for each school.  Students should stop by their Main Office for specific guidelines.  At the high school, students are allowed to decorate the insides of lockers, provided that no permanent ink is used.

  • Are teachers allowed to hug students?

    A.  Teachers are allowed to be human and to express their appreciation and kindness towards a student. Clearly, there are professional boundaries and expectations. If a student feels uncomfortable, or feels that the “hug” is more than a casual and informal display of appreciation or kindness, then the matter should be addressed.