As a student, I find it extremely inappropriate for teachers to speak about their political opinions to their classes. I am in full support of students partaking in political conversations and debates among themselves, in class or in the halls… but when teachers decide to push their opinions down the students throats, it limits the students opportunity for free thought, free speech, and a safe space. A school is a learning environment, not one to feel embarrassed for your political views. Teachers can express their views at home, but their job is a professional place where they help students learn to form their own opinions. Today, my English teacher and my French teacher both were expressing their political views in class and the whole class felt uncomfortable. Please, make this stop! It’s seriously unprofessional for a school environment! Thank you!

Written by on January 31, 2020

A. “Employees may not use their office, classrooms, school facilities or school equipment as a means to promote personal political views and beliefs, however, teachers are encouraged to address issues of current events of instructional and informational value to students.” Please see Board of Education Policy 6193: