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If non-consumable school supplies are to be purchased and provided by the district, how are the elementary schools able to require the purchase of scissors and headphones?

A. Schools should not be requesting scissors. If they did, notify your principal. The district recognizes the need to request that parents/students purchase special, personal items. Headphones fall in the personal category.

Would I get in trouble if I downloaded a vpn onto my chrombook? If so how much?

A. VPNs are prohibited on the district network for all devices.  Discipline is progressive and administered by building administration pursuant to the student code of conduct and acceptable use policy.

what information about discipline action by law are you actually allowed to give out

A. None, other than to say that discipline occurred.

How long does Shen keep transcripts for former students? I heard that some schools are required to keep transcripts forever while some are not.

A. We keep and have all of them on microfilm.

As a student, I find it extremely inappropriate for teachers to speak about their political opinions to their classes. I am in full support of students partaking in political conversations and debates among themselves, in class or in the halls… but when teachers decide to push their opinions down the students throats, it limits the students opportunity for free thought, free speech, and a safe space. A school is a learning environment, not one to feel embarrassed for your political views. Teachers can express their views at home, but their job is a professional place where they help students learn to form their own opinions. Today, my English teacher and my French teacher both were expressing their political views in class and the whole class felt uncomfortable. Please, make this stop! It’s seriously unprofessional for a school environment! Thank you!

A. “Employees may not use their office, classrooms, school facilities or school equipment as a means to promote personal political views and beliefs, however, teachers are encouraged to address issues of current events of instructional and informational value to students.” Please see Board of Education Policy 6193: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IYU6Dei8YLG8wyawzZ6dtQqj7ETafRtxSRlH8vdb8JQ/view.

Please, please, please institute a policy banning oil diffusers from classrooms and offices. They agitate asthma, cause headaches, and smell gross. Pumping perfume into the air in a closed classroom/office makes some people sick. It is not necessary and there is no science that proves it helps students learn.

A.  These are not allowed in classrooms or offices. If you have a concern, please let your principal know.

What is the school policy related to dogs on campus? At school activities outside, at drop off or pick up, sporting events etc. For parents of students and employees… I am not referring to certified service dogs or therapy dogs. Thank you.

A. We have two policies: one is for use of animals for instructional purposes https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dLwdkMiRriipT68r7qwBtT2YHwltfJSPHzbqLBkV-Kw/view. The other is for pets on school grounds https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RQ3APoYV0U0OAhSwMb-a7qLx_2kzFgmtelSZTxxKnA4/view

Here’s an idea: How about instead of teaching girls to cover up their bodies because it might distract boys, teach boys to be decent human beings and control themselves. If someone in the school can’t handle seeing a bra strap or a belly button without freaking out, that is their own fault. Dress codes teach underage girls that their bodies are inherently sexual, and that rather than wearing what is comfortable for them (especially when it’s hot outside), they should cover up so as not to disrupt the learning process of some out of control teenage boys. I am sixteen years old. The sexualization of my body isn’t my fault. It’s the fault of whoever failed to teach these people to be respectful and decent to women. Just a thought as we head into the summer season.

A. Keep in  mind that boy’s undergarments are not allowed r to show and they have to wear shirts to cover their body as well. Boys would also not be allowed to wear really short shorts either.

I am shocked that my child sings such religious songs in high school east chorus and choraliers. Is there not some guidelines to restrict singing about such Christian music?

A. BOE policy 8360 speaks to religious content in schools.  In accordance with that policy, religious music may be taught for it’s musical value as long as criteria attached to 8360 is satisfied.  Vivaldi’s Gloria, which was performed at the most recent HS choral concert, is standard high school choral repertoire and exposed students to […]

Does shen have the power to search kids cellphones when taken?

A. In accordance with the code of conduct 4410R – If a cell phone is used, activated or displayed at an unauthorized time, the student may be subject to disciplinary measures pursuant to the Code of Conduct. If the building administrator confiscates a student’s cell phone, it must be turned off and stored in the […]